• How Can I Make My Home Safer Against Electrical Fires?

    Electrical fires are one of the most difficult types of fire to prevent; there are many variables that can go into the start of an electrical fire. Here are some ways that you can increase electrical fire safety in your home without a lot of know-how.  Use Your Wiring Lightly  The first thing to do is to space out your usage of each power outlet in your home. Overloading the circuit with heavy power needs is a recipe for disaster if you aren't careful to respect the outlet's capacity.
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  • Remodeling Your Kitchen? Get Under-Cabinet Lighting In The Process

    Most homeowners have kitchens that are at least functional, but this does not mean that they are an enjoyable place to spend time or cook meals. However, you can easily change this with kitchen remodeling, which can involve things such as changing the appliances, adding more counter space, installing new cabinets, switching to a different kind of flooring, or upgrading the lighting. Whether you have a big or small project planned, you should add under-cabinet lighting to your list of things to do.
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