How Can I Make My Home Safer Against Electrical Fires?

Posted on: 4 August 2016

Electrical fires are one of the most difficult types of fire to prevent; there are many variables that can go into the start of an electrical fire. Here are some ways that you can increase electrical fire safety in your home without a lot of know-how. 

Use Your Wiring Lightly 

The first thing to do is to space out your usage of each power outlet in your home. Overloading the circuit with heavy power needs is a recipe for disaster if you aren't careful to respect the outlet's capacity. 

Keep Track of Repeated Electrical Problems

Another helpful action you can take is to keep a list of electrical problems in your home. For instance, if a certain appliance always causes your circuit to overload, write it down and discuss it with your electrician. If your circuit breaker has one switch that causes repeated outages, write down the dates of the issues. This will help your electrician to quickly find the sources of electrical trouble that could cause fire damage. 

Look for Warning Signs

There are also certain electrical wiring issues to look for. Even if you don't visibly see evidence of damage, you can tell when the outlets aren't working properly. Sparks, dimmed or flickering lights, and unreliable voltage can all be signs of serious issues that your emergency electrical service should inspect. 

Install a Fire Alarm Monitoring System

Fire sprinklers can help to quell many types of home fires, but they aren't as big of a help in an electrical fire. You'll want to alert the authorities as soon as possible in the event of an electrical fire for the best chance of saving your home. Fire alarm and monitoring systems are one of the best options for electrical fire safety. They can be triggered by heat sensors and set up to alert both you and the fire department at the first signs of trouble. 

Get in Touch With Your Electrician

Finally, if you're concerned about fire safety, getting in touch with an electrician can be invaluable. If you haven't had an electrical home audit recently, then the electrician may go through the home and make sure that everything is wired correctly and safely. They can check your circuit breakers to make sure they are the appropriate size and power for your home's use. They will check to ensure that no wires are exposed or damaged. The electrician can also give you fire safety tips specific to your home. Getting a regular inspection going forward can also help to prevent issues from occurring. Contact a company like Double L Electric Ltd for more information.