4 Creative Lighting Ideas That Won't Kill Your Energy Bill

Posted on: 9 April 2015

Home decorating is an art, but it can also be an expensive art.  Lighting is one of the biggest aspects of design because it can affect the whole aesthetic of a room, make it look bigger or smaller, and set the mood for all of its occupants; however, it is hard to invest fully in a lighting project when your energy bill is climbing higher and higher.  If you have one eye on your creativity and one eye on your energy bill, you do not have to stress any longer because there are stylish yet cost-efficient ways to improve the lighting in your home.

1. Set the Mood

If you want the greatest way to cut back on energy, here it is: just don't use it all.  Turning to the oldest—and most historical—trick in the book, candles are a wonderful alternative to expensive lighting.  There are so many ways to spice up a basic display of candles including stylish holders and the plethora of amazing colors and scents.  The arrangement is all up to your own preferences so you can let your creative juices flow whether you want to create a setting that is light and celebratory, dark and mysterious, romantic and sweet, or simply relaxing. 

2. Holiday Lights All Year

One of the reasons the holidays are so much fun is seeing all the amazing lights that are strung over the trees and mantles of homes everywhere.  That beautiful sight could be seen all year long in your home as the uses of holiday lights are often forgotten about.  These lights are cost-efficient in small amounts, and their versatility allows them to take on less of a holiday look and more of a stylish look.  The multitude of colors can be mixed and matched, but the best part about holiday lights is their low-heat radiance so they can be put almost anywhere, safely.  

3. Play with Natural Lighting

Playing up the natural light of a room is another facet of home lighting that budgeters love because it costs absolutely nothing.  Light coming through from the outdoors can be adjusted with thin curtains that exude vibrant colors through the material.  A similar effect can be obtained through stain glass with the addition of amazing patterns.  Turn your boring window into a creative project that could light up a whole room.

4. Center Lighting Piece

Some lighting pieces can get overly extravagant, and these are the lamps and chandeliers that rack up your energy bill.  However, if a center lighting piece is still the look you are striving for, it is not out of reach.  The way to include a lighting apparatus that embodies your flair, is to make it the main focus—you do not have to crowd the room with other bright lights that will also increase your bill.  Also, choose a piece with a design that will speak for itself so the focus is on the visual qualities as opposed to the expensive wattage. 

Great lighting does not have to be at the expense of your budget, yet it can improve the look and feel in so many creative ways.  Options are available for every level of artistic efficiency and taste.  Start planning your affordable lighting layout today. Work with a company like Crown Electric Ltd if you will be installing or moving any light fixtures or outlets.